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Married to a UNIQUE marathon runner

Married to a UNIQUE marathon runner

April 04, 2017

Laguna Beach, CA.

How My Husband Helped Me Become the Best Version of Myself. 

2016 has been THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE. Running and living in Boston, by far my favorite city in the United States. Everything is stunning, like a fairy tale. I like to call it, THE RUNNING CITY, where there is nothing that can stop people from running, not even freezing cold weather (-15°C).

One of the best decisions I have made in my life was to study an MBA in Boston. Ana and Ale, friends of mine, were the ones who persuaded me to go to Boston instead of San Francisco. I’m so glad they did!

I lived on Memorial Drive with my Peruvian roomie, Veronica Cruz. It was a great location, next to the Charles River, MIT, Kendall Square, the red line on the T, and a 20-minute walk from where I went to school, Hult. It was a great environment to go for a run.

I was used to running in Mexico City, where it is 2,200 meters above sea level and the air pollution makes running conditions very tough. Of course, Boston’s elevation and air quality helped me to become a better, faster runner.

Since my first day in Boston, I started training for B.A.A Half Marathon. The route I used to run got me hooked with its amazing views from almost any spot.

  My amazing view when I went for my daily run.

I met the man I married, Guido, at school. We were in the same MBA program, but different cohorts. Even though we didn’t spend time together in class, that wasn´t a problem for us since we had so many other things in common, like RUNNING, our love for business, friends, frequent traveling, etc. While we were in school, he was training for Bank of America Chicago Marathon and I was training for BAA Half Marathon, so we used to share running tips to help each other do our best.

I achieved a new PR at BAA Half Marathon (1:50) and Guido did the same at Chicago’s Marathon (3:07). Amazing! Right? It was not until November 2015, when he asked me out and we ended up buying new running shoes on our first date. Everything has been like a dream come true ever since. We were so in love, everything was perfect, and we definitely felt like we were in the right place at the right time.

       Guido and I, newly engaged, at Horseshoe Bend

We were a bit crazy; in January 2016 we decided to start training for an ultra-marathon (50K).  This meant a lot of sacrifices, as we were studying in business school at the same time, so there was less time to hang out. New challenge accepted! We used to wake up at 5:30am in -3 °C weather, run to the gym, workout for an hour and a half, eat breakfast (porridge), go to school, and spend some time resting together. That was a perfect day for me–like a first date every day. We loved being together all the time, and with his encouragement I knew anything was possible.


Running in Boston @ -3°C

Step by step, I began to change my lifestyle. I was eating healthier food, taking care of my body (you are what you eat), and I even decided to quit smoking in January 2016! All these changes made me look and feel better. Making these changes with Guido’s support motivated me to make one of my dreams come true: running my first marathon in February 2016. When the day of the marathon came, it was one of the best feelings I have ever felt. I couldn’t believe I was crossing the finish line with the love of my life­–a mix of happiness, satisfaction, and success left me in tears.

Our First Marathon, Hyannis 2016

I can say I have been even more in love with exercise since the day I met Guido–the Spanish of my dreams, my best friend, my greatest motivation in life, my teacher, my running partner, my superman because we share this RUNNING passion.

2016 was the perfect year. I got engaged and married my favorite person, became an MBA graduate, made new friends from all around the globe, and had many great experiences that lead to personal and professional growth.


MBA Hult Graduation 2016.

My favorite places and things to do in Boston

  • Fenway Park, the oldest baseball stadium in the US
I caught the ball 🙂


  • Harvard Yard and HBS


Harvard Business School


Harvard, Stadium



  • Beacon Hill, Arcon Street the most photographed street in the US.

  • Charlestown Navy Yard

  • Boston Marathon Finish Line

  • Boston Common & Public Garden
Vero, my roomie.
  • North End
Restaurant NEPTUNE
  • Chinatown


  • View of Boston from Cambridge

  • MIT



  • Aram’s , located in 345 Cambridge St it has the best pizzas, salads, and subs in Boston. It is Guido’s favorite place.
  • Warren Tavern, one of the oldest pubs in town, where George Washington & Paul Revere used to hang out.
  • Tatte Bakery, great place for breakfast and brunch, I would recommend trying the poached eggs they are delicious.
  • For further information about what to do or see in Boston, go to Thing to do.

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