I am good at exercising, but bad at eating. Does that sound familiar to you?


We should know that the most important part to be successful in our trainings and races is our nutrition. Food provides energy for our activities, and running is one of the activities that requires a large amount of energy.


Learning how much we should eat it’s not an easy task, but having a healthy diet plan according to our daily caloric needs will make everything possible.


Here is a list of what you can include in your diet 🙂 creating a WINNING food plan.




FRUITS: We should add lots of fruit in our diet as they are a perfect and natural source of vitamins, minerals, energy and fiber.


AVERAGE DAILY QUANTITY:  1 and a half cups or juice.


E.g.: Banana, blueberries, apples, raspberries and orange.


List of Fruits


Blueberries                                     Raspberries                                 Blackberries

Strawberries                                  Watermelon                                  Cantaloupe

Orange                                              Grapefruit                                         Apple

Cherries                                              Grapes                                              Kiwi

Mango                                                  Peach                                            Pineapple

Banana                                               Papaya                                            Apricots


If we eat too little fruit, make sure is nutritionally the BeSt, like grapefruit, cantaloupe, banana and orange juice.




VEGETABLES: are vital for health, maintenance of our body and source of many nutrients, including potassium, fiber, folate (folic acid) and vitamins A, E and C.


AVERAGE DAILY QUANTITY: 2 and a half cups. Play and mix colors.


E.g. Peppers, carrots, mushrooms & spinach. (red, orange, white & green).


List of Vegetables


Kale                                               Collard greens                                    Spinach

Brussels                                         Broccoli                                             Asparagus

Tomatoes                                      Peppers                                                Squash

Chayote                                       String beans                                        Potatoes

Carrots                                         Cucumbers                                           Onions

Mushrooms                                Artichokes                                         Watercress


If we don´t eat much fruit, you can compensate by eating more veggies.




CARBS: Main source of energy, carbs fuel our muscles, protect against needless muscular fatigue and source of fiber and B vitamins.


AVERAGE DAILY QUANTITY: 6 ounces (180 grams) of grain foods.


E.g. 1 ounce= 1 slice of bread (whole grain) or ½ cup of pasta or rice.


List of Carbs:


Amaranth                                     Brown rice                               Whole-grain barley

Bulgur                                              Millet                                                   Corn

Quinoa                                           Sorghum                                   Whole-grain corn 

Pasta                                               Triticale                                           Oatmeal

Whole Rye                                  Whole wheat                                  Wild Rice

Couscous                                       Cereal                                                Beans

Sweet Potato                                Yams                                                  Bread

Tortilla                                          Edamame                                             Peas





PROTEINS:. Our body uses protein to build and repair tissues. They are an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Proteins will also help to maintain or to lose weight.


AVERAGE DAILY QUANTITY: Five 1-ounce equivalents. 1 ounce (30g) of meat = 1 egg  or (125 ml).


E.g. 2 poached eggs, 1 chicken breast, (1 oz) tofu.


List of Proteins:


Tofu                                            Turkey breast                                    Sardines

Fish                                                    Eggs                                           Greek yogurt

Clams                                            Red meat                                          Chicken

Tuna                                           Cottage Cheese                           Protein Powder

Duck breast                                     Goat                                                  Kefir


We need proteins to keep our metabolisms running and to let our muscles recover from our workouts.




HEALTHY FATS:  We need adequate fat to support our metabolism, cell signaling, the health of various body tissues, immunity, hormone production, and the absorption of many nutrients.




E.g. 12 almonds , 10 olives, 1 spoon extra-virgin olive oil.


List of healthy fats:


Avocado                                               Almonds                               Sunflower seeds

Extra-virgin oil                                   Peanuts                                       Hummus

Coconut milk                                    Mozzarella                             Oaxaca cheese

Walnut Oil                                       Almond butter                                 Mayo

Pumpkin seeds                                   Olives                                       Chia Seeds



A well-nourished body will make us feel healthy (mind and body). It will also influence when it comes to getting good results in your workouts. In addition, we will release ENDORPHINS,  having a great feeling of happiness after the effort.





8 Glasses of water


First thing in the morning : Green tea + ginger + lemon + honey.  Access video -> Green Tea +g+l+h



Breakfast: Oatmeal:  banana + blueberries + nuts: sustained energy and is perfect as a preexercise snack.



    Snack: Premier protein+ kiwi



Lunch: Quinoa + fish +  mushrooms + broccoli + 1 sp extra-virgin oil + sunflower seeds 


Snack 2: carrots + hummus



 Dinner: 2 corn tortillas + mozzarella cheese + turkey breast + cucumbers




Believe you can and you will be half way there!!!



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