April 19, 2017

Los Angeles, CA

Learning from the best (my Mom)

It all started thanks to my mom; She is a very sporty and healthy woman, who I admire most.

Carolina Tejeda is a world champion triathlete. She was 3rd in the Cancun ITU Triathlon World Cup , 20 years ago. I am so grateful to have her as my mom, She has been a perfect example, who has inspired me.

I was only five months old when mom decided that my brother and I should start with swimming lessons. Whilst we were learning to swim, she was keeping up her workouts to improve her race performance.

My days were crazy busy; I rarely had free time on my busy schedule (wake up, have breakfast, go to school, have lunch, go to the sports club, homework, have dinner and go to bed). During the weekend, we used to have sports tournaments and family reunions.

All these helped to shape my discipline and to have a healthy childhood. Always learning about teamwork, sacrifice, failure, winning, practice, improvement, and how to have a balanced life in order to achieve success and be happy.

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