“Success is not just what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do.” Terry Wildemann

Los Angeles, CA

Ana Carolina Treviño Tejeda from Mexico City with a lifetime of exercise experience. I promise I will bring value to your life.

My Goal: Motivate and inspire people to exercise through my experience. “You will benefit yourself and those around you”.

I am a very healthy person, who loves taking care of my body and mind. I was only five months old when I started swimming, and I have practiced a bunch of sports ever since (ice skating, cycling, tennis, handball, kayaking, paddle, football, rafting, volleyball, skiing, basketball, hockey, yoga, hiking and running).


Falling in love with exercise <3

It was not until 2014, when I decided to participate in The Woodlands’ Half Marathon, that I became a different person. I understood the meaning of commitment, determination, dedication, and sacrifice through my training.

Crossing the finish line was one of the best sensations I have ever felt. The most amazing part of this experience was how it helped me to be SUCCESSFUL in life.

“Once you find something or someone you love,  feel passionate and get crazy about it. Never let it go”

I’m a people oriented kind of person, I really enjoy helping others and hanging out with friends and family, especially with grandma, who has always been taking care of me.

W/ Grandma, Acapulco, Mexico. Dec 2016.

Here you will find a place where you belong… because I will be sharing my personal experiences and recommendations on (family, food, fun, and most of all RUNNING ) with you.


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    • Muchas Gracias mi Tats!! Me encanta que me leas, que lindas palabras 🙂
      Espero ser la motivación e inspiracion para que la gente haga ejercicio y conozcan sobre sus beneficios.


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