Ana´s Favorite Races

Ana´s Favorite Races

1. The Woodlands Half Marathon, Texas, March 2014


First Time Half Marathon Finisher

The alarm clock woke me up at 4:30am, could barely sleep the night before the race. I had breakfast, got ready and arrived to the start line around 6:30am. I really enjoyed running my first 13.1M in The Woodlands, not only I had trained hard and fuel up with very healthy food, but also I had my family´s support, which was a very important part for my great performance that day. I got 14th place in my division (1:54´).

The course is dynamic and beautiful, everywhere you look is green and fresh (trees, woods, lakes, parks) with cheering spectators all along the race.

I would definitely recommend this race to be your first HALF MARATHON and if you are able to hang out some days in The Woodlands don’t hesitate to stay longer, for me it is like Disneyland for families.

By the way it is my favorite medal.



2. Father’s Day Half Marathon, Mexico City, June 2014  


Dedicated To My Dad.

This Half is one of my favorites because it has a familiar environment. The quality and quantity of the participants lifts everyone up, you can see parents running with their children in their strollers, father and son running together, people holding their dad´s picture while running. The crowd shouting: Come on dad, this race is yours!!! I get goosebumps when I remember this race.

It is a challenging course. It takes place @ Periferico, a bypass that surrounds much of the Valley of Mexico and is one of its main roads. First half “10 K easy” is downhill but second half is uphill. The finish line is in one of my favorite spots where I like to train, el bosque de Tlalpan.

This race is more like a father’s day party (a celebration of life).

My dad gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person “He believes in me “





3. Rock n Roll Half Marathon, Mexico City, January 2015       


First Half Marathon with my BFF

My 5th half marathon, first long-distance run without listening to music. My bff and I started running together which was a great motivation for me, I love the fact that we share this passion.

It was Sunday night, we ran through some of famous historic places in Mexico City such as el angel de la independenicia. This event features live bands, an amazing course & finish festival concert.

We were very happy to finish our first night race and decided to celebrate with some beer. CHEERS!!








4. Tequesquitengo Triathlon, July 2015     


First Triathlon ¨A whole new experience¨

I had my parents support all the time. A week before the race, we went to Tequesquitengo, the place where the race was going to take place to do my last training and course reconnaissance.

Mariana and Ana Karen, friends of mine were part of this too. Mariana also participated in the Triathlon and Ana K was our cheerleader.

The day before the triathlon we had to go and leave our bicycles and get our numbers marked afterwards we decided to get our carb-load in Lucca restaurant (pizza and pasta) @ Cuernavaca, that night I could berely get some sleep. I was so excited about the next day that my mind couldn’t stop thinking about it.

We woke up very early to get to the race because they were going to close some roads. Fortunately, we got on time and started with our own divisons.

Swimming is the first part of the race (1Km), I couldn’t see anything, but I didn’t perfom that bad. By the time I was out of the water I was feeling perfect and ready to start biking, which was my favorite part, I really enjoyed riding.

When I finished biking (30Km), my legs were feeling tired and moving around all the place. I just dropped my bike and started running, what I know best (7kms). At this stage I started catching up with all the girls who had left me behind. After 2:35 hrs I saw the finish line 🙂 so happy of what I had accomplished. My friends were waiting for me which was very exciting.

Now I’m looking forward for my first 70.3 IM Hawaii 2018


5. Hyannis Marathon, February 2016   


First Marathon with my LOVE

After months of pain, time, dedication, willpower, patience, and sacrifice, it was all worth it.

Waking up at 4:30am to have breakfast and get ready to drive to Hyannis (Cape Cod).

Running with Guido by my side was all the motivation I needed. I was feeling sore at the begging, but I kept telling myself I can do this, I am doing this and Guido was also shouting come on, I´m here to achieve this goal with you, don´t give up, I know you can do it.

When I saw the finish line I started to cry, couldn´t believe that I had succeeded. I knew that I have found a new passion.

I understood the quote¨ If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together¨







6. New York City Half Marathon, March 2016 


Running in the Big Apple

Everything you have heard about it is true. The best atmosphere in the world with cheering spectators up all along the race with drums and whistles. It was a cold sunny day, starting @ Central Park, running through Times Square and finishing @ World Trade center One world was mind-blowing.

This one is special because my parents were waiting for us at the finish line. It was the day when my parents met Guido for the first time. Afterwards we went to have lunch @ Katz´s Delicatessen.




7. LA Marathon, March 2017          


Crossing The Finish Line with GUIDO

Being part of LA Marathon has been one of my best running experiences. I woke up around 4:30am to help Guido get ready for a magic and wonderful experience. The day before I had made a surprise for my Favorite runner in the world. I posted balloons and motivational quotes all over the house, my mom was visiting us, so She was also part of this whole experience.

We left home around 5:30 am to go and drop Guido @ the start line. He was very nervous but at the same time excited. I already knew he was going to make it. I came back home to pick up my mom and drive to the finish line to park the car. While tracking him down through the race, I was a little concerned that I was not going to get to our meeting spot (mile 20, cliff station) on time because Guido was running so fast, but finally made it.

From the moment I saw Guido arriving to mile 20, I got goosebumps. We started running together, I knew that he was exhausted but I was there to help, motivate and push him through the last and hardest part of the marathon. Taking care of him in his last 10K, after 45 mins we were crossing the finish line together, my favorite memory. He ran his 3rd marathon in 3:00:25 qualifying for Boston and I beat my 10K PR (43:15)

I hope to share this passion with him, all my life. I also invite you to start running or exercising with your partner, friends, etc.. So you can live in your own blood the feeling I am talking about, not only you will get to know each other better but also it will unify you as a couple.



Believe you can and you will be half way there!!!



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